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Sheila Newquist began drawing as a young child, growing to love pencil, charcoal and pastels. She went on to pursue a career in healthcare and raised three daughters. After a long hiatus, she reignited her passion for art in 2012, taking a watercolor class to get going again. Having no formal art training, Sheila has benefitted over the years from the instruction of Ralph Acosta, Cindy Baron, Lorraine Bromely, Bob Noreika, Tim Saternow, Susan Shaw, and Francis Topping. She was also influenced by her father's (Lane Newquist) photography.

Sheila's professional affiliations include memberships at Wickford Art Association, South County Art Association, Warwick Center for the Arts, Attleboro Art Museum, Rhode Island Watercolor Society and New England Watercolor Society. She has also exhibited at Spring Bull Gallery, Courthouse Center for the Arts, The Hale House, The Hive RI, Shaun Rock Art Gallery, and Gilbert Stuart Museum Bell Art Gallery.

Sheila has become especially drawn to plein air (outdoor) painting, enjoying nature and the comaraderie of her painting group, The Matunuck Art League.

Sheila was born in St. Louis, MO but has lived in Rhode Island most of her life. She currently resides in Wickford with her husband, kids who come and go, and her poodle, Halo.


Painting is my perfect meditation, completely absorbing me and pushing all other thoughts aside. I am continually learning and developing my skills and interests, so my paintings reflect these changes over time. I enjoy both the solitude of my studio, where I can create a painting having complex layering and techniques, and plein air, where I am joined by my painting pals and am forced to simplify. In these often volatile times, I aim to capture counterbalancing beautiful scenes. But at other times I am drawn to scenes that evoke wonderment of a story - a lost time or human impact on our environment. I am most grateful for the connections art has given me. I hope my art brings a little beauty into this world.

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